1Champion internship program (Champs) is an internship program, and then some. We focus on developing each intern spiritually, personally, and professionally. It’s all about becoming God’s best version of you, doing what you were created to do, and knowing the next steps to get there.

God has given you gifts and talents that are uniquely yours. Find the place where your gifts and talents can be refined and strengthened as an intern at 1Champion.

Internship Overview

Create your solid foundation at 1Champion. 

Build community within 1Champion and West Jefferson, NC, beyond the internship program, with the opportunity to participate in a small group.

Have a personal coach who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship.

Internship Overview

Create your solid foundation at 1Champion. 


Build community within 1Champion with the opportunity to connect with others. 

Ministry Operations

Take ownership of tasks within your department and gain confidence in your leadership.

Teachings on Leadership

Learn from the leaders at 1Champion on a variety of topics that will stretch, grow, and equip you to succeed. Take part in learning and developmental opportunities that include culture discussions and learning sessions.


Be a part of changing the lives of students, athletes, and coaches.

Spiritual Disciplines

Pause, remove distractions, and grow closer to God as you engage in a time of spiritual disciplines.


Bible Study

Create intentional time with God amid a busy schedule by participating in a daily Bible plan.


Have a personal coach who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship.

Physical Fitness

Have the energy and health to carry out your calling through fitness classes.

Boone, NC

Make an Impact

Be part of a forward-thinking, risk-taking, sold-out ministry that is making an impact by leading students, athletes, and coaches to use their platform for the 1Champion, Jesus Christ.

Ready to become a Champ? 

Administrative & Events

  • Planning & executing events (NOC, Golf Classic, Back to School Bash, Leadership Conferences, etc.)

  • Managing sponsors

  • Administrative work for specific events

  • Create and implement charts and visuals for ministry operations

  • Provide support to office systems, assess & improve current ministry and business processes and procedures

Marketing & Communications

  • Design marketing campaigns & emails

  • Enhance, contribute to, and execute building the 1Champion social media brand on all platforms

  • Collect data and analytics for growth

  • Create video content of 1Champion experiences/events

  • Create content and assist in web design for

  • Create strategic marketing plans & present them to leadership for review and possible execution

1Champion Experience

  • Strategize on the expansion of 1Champion Experience

  • Create a VIP experience for new students & follow up with them after their experience

  • Present fresh, new ideas to leadership for possible implementation while sticking to our values

  • Assess & improve current management processes

Ambassadors & Teammates

  • Grow & expand the 1Champion base through strategic & innovative ideas

  • Grow the brand through a fresh approach to students, ambassadors, & teammates

  • Connect students, ambassadors, & teammates to our outreach & social media marketing

Champs & Volunteers

  • Recruit new prospects for the Internship Program (Champs)

  • Recruit and communicate with volunteers for events/experiences

  • Grow and maintain relationships with church host teams

  • Assess & improve current processes

1Champion Worship

  • Use your giftedness through our 1Champion Worship Team

  • As a team, come up with worship sets

  • Create worship nights for students to participate in

  • Recruit students to use their abilities to honor and glorify Jesus Christ through singing, the playing of instruments, tech, and visuals. 


The 1Champion Internship Program is designed to provide the exposure, experience, and education necessary to build a foundation for your calling.


  • As an intern, you will not receive a weekly stipend. 

School Credit

  • We will work with you and App State to help you meet the requirements for internship credit.


  • You will spend 1-3 semesters developing as a leader. We want to develop you spiritually, personally, and professionally. We then want to see you reproduce leaders. 


  • We ask that you have a reliable form of transportation as many of our leadership trainings and experiences will be off-campus.


  • The 1Champion Intern Program is open to any App State student who is enrolled in taking classes and between the ages of 18-23 and meets the application requirements. 


  • We know that students may need to work a job to help with college expenses. We are very flexible and more than willing to work with you around your class and work schedule. 

Logan Hallock
Joanna Hallock

Logan & Joanna are our fearless leaders who started 1Champion in 2017. They are passionate about developing the next generation of leaders and can't wait to help you reach your calling. 


These staff members are committed to your growth and development as a Champ. 

Ready to become a Champ? 

Here are the answers to the questions everyone asks about the 1Champion Intern Program (Champs).

What is the purpose of the internship?

Champs prepares you for your life’s work. You’ll benefit from:

  • Personal attention: Be coached by dedicated ministry leaders who invests in your development, growth, and success.
  • Future focus: Discover more about who you are and develop a vision and purpose for your life.
  • A growth environment: Absorb the culture of 1Champion and experience strong leadership, innovative perspectives, and holistic development.
  • Real world experience: God has given you strengths and skills, and we want to give you the opportunity to use them to make a difference.
We focus on three key elements:
  • Spiritual Development
  • Personal Development
  • Professional Development

What areas are available for the internship?

  • Administration & Events
  • Ambassadors & Teammates
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Champs & Volunteers
  • 1Champion Experience
  • 1Champion Worship

What is the length of the internship?

The length of Champs are broken into semesters that follow the App State Academic Calendar. We desire you to be a part of this ministry the entire time you are a student at App State and growing in your roles through 1Champion.

Will I be on my own?

Each intern is matched with a coach. This coach is a 1Champion staff member who is specifically devoted to pouring wisdom into your life and building you up throughout the entire internship.

Are there age limits?

We invite anyone who is at least 18 years old to apply for Champs. Our internship applicants are young adults who are passionate about growing themselves and reaching their peers for Christ and seeing them grow.

Where will I live?

If you have a housing option near Ashe County, NC (such as a relative or friend), then you are free to secure your own housing. If you need housing, the 1Champion coach you are assigned to will assist you in finding housing during your internship, but it’s not guaranteed.

How many hours per week are expected?

We are very flexible and willing to work with you but on average our Champs will have around 4-8 hours a week. Throughout the application and interview process, you’ll need to discuss all scheduling questions or concerns you may have. Your coach will do everything possible to work with you to make sure you have a schedule that works best for you.

What does a typical week look like?

You will work four or five days during the week, and some evenings as needed. You will have weekends off unless we have a camp that weekend. Your coach will work with you to ensure the best use of your time. Applicants must be flexible with their time and ready for the excitement of 1CIP and the pace of 1Champion.

Do I need a personal vehicle?

Yes. At this time, we cannot provide transportation. We will have students who you will know/meet that you could possibly car pool with.

Where will my internship be?

1Champion will be in Boone, NC. We will be meeting at different locations in Boone throughout the semester/year.

Are part-time internships available?


What is the dress code?

Our dress code is simple: please do! What you wear is less important than who you are, so wear whatever makes you (and the people around you) ready to get the job done.

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