See what God can do through athletes and coaches.


Lead every athlete and coach into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.


1. Jesus is THE 1Champion.

We have an unceasing passion to let every athlete and coach know there is only one way to God through his Son, Jesus Christ. 

2. We believe big and start small.

We are faith-filled, big thinking, bet on God risk-takers. We'll never insult God with small thinking and safe living. We will remain ridiculously faithful to the process. 

3. We will honor Christ and live with integrity.

If we live with integrity nothing else matters. 

If we don't live with integrity nothing else matters.

4. We always bring our best.

Excellence honors God and inspires people.

5. We can do more by doing less.

We have a focused and disciplined vision.

6. We don't maintain, we multiply.

We are building the next generation of leaders. We are committed to structure, training, and conduct that produces growth.

7. We are servant leaders.

As Christ serves us, so we serve each other.

8. We believe in excellence. 

We give a total release of all that we are to become like Christ. We hold ourselves to a very high standard in our words, appearance, actions, and our product.

9. We will not take this for granted.

We will express gratitude and praise in all things to God for giving us the opportunity.

10. We have fun.

We will laugh hard, loud, and often. Nothing is more fun than serving God through sports.

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